First annual maintenance will bring CDN and more security to our website(s)

We will soon roll-out our maintenance to website servers

Missoula, USA – With our first annual maintenance we will implement a Content-Delivery-Network (CDN) and additional high-end security systems to our corporate website server(s).

With the need to have a solid and faster content delivery while growing in the content itself on our website(s), we have implemented and installed two main features for a more reliable content visibility and usage to our website(s).

  1. CDN – Content-Delivery-Network:
    With a global spanning CDN, we ensure that all our contents and media will be available to our visitors with no time, no matter on which location on the world they are, our website will be delivered with no extra time in a faster way than before.
  2. High-end Security:
    With the overall growing risks and vulnerability of modern standards technology infrastructure such as websites, servers and more, we are always observing and reviewing the best possible security to our server(s) and all our content, to make sure that all of these data and information, including potential project specific data or else are held out of any possible harm.
    For this reason, we will be redefining our security standards and – in addition – implement newer technology and software to ensure the security of all our websites and servers from any possible cyber-based threat (such as malware, phising/scamming, DDoS etc.)

During the maintenance process it might could come to service interruptions and other interferences, we ask you kindly for excuse and your patience.