Forgotten Skies: Promising Platform Adventure will be on August 11, 2024

Fans of classic platformers and adventure games can look forward to a new, colorful adventure

Missoula, USA, 02/05/2024 — Forgotten Skies is a mixed genre action-adventure game that combines classic platforming elements with an exciting and challenging adventure game that takes the player into a fascinating and colorful world full of challenges, mystical creatures and an entertaining storyline. The player controls a nameless hero, who explores a floating game world through acrobatic jumps, exciting quests and some battles against a colorful mix of opponents, a game world that offers collectable objects as well as a variety of different NPCs, and rounds out the course of the game with funny and entertaining conversations.

The game features a varied mix of challenges and entertaining story elements, as well as an interesting mix of platforming and adventure gameplay. Forgotten Skies is Chrysalis Interactive’s first mainstream computer game, and has already received positive feedback from the gaming community, as well as major publishers and gaming websites, for its art and gameplay in the official trailers.

"It's great to see Forgotten Skies getting such tremendous feedback on social media and from places like Gamescom, Humble Games and others, and we're very excited to see how the game will be received by players when it releases."
Daniel Gippert
Founder & CEO

Forgotten Skies will be released on Steam for PC on August 11, 2024, the expected sale price on launch day is set to $12.

“We hope to create a game that will appeal to fans of the genre as well as newcomers, and that we’ll be able to attract some of them to this colorful and entertaining world.” 


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