We are the makers of games that delight.

Chrysalis Interactive is an independent game developer and publisher that creates and publishes video games for computer, console, and mobile devices.

As an independent development studio, we see our players as our most important resource. That’s why we focus on quality entertainment in our games and a good communication to our community. With commitment and an eye for that little extra quality, we offer our players a varied and entertaining experience as they explore breathtaking and adventurous worlds.


Daniel Gippert

Founder & CEO
At Chrysalis Interactive, we are dedicated to providing a memorable experience for those looking to play. We want our games to be as interesting and varied as possible, while providing a wonderful environment to play in.
Daniel Gippert
Founder & CEO


Chrysalis Games was founded

In March, the company is officially founded by the name of “Chrysalis Games” by its founder and chief executive officer, Daniel Gippert.
In London, United Kingdom, the company’s headquarter began to operate with first projects and prototypes.


Re-organization and rebranding

To appeal to a wider audience and expand into other areas of the gaming industry, the company name is changed to Chrysalis Interactive as “Doing-Business-As” (DBA).


The Re-launch

The company is restructured and reorganized under the new name of Chrysalis Interactive. Simultaneously, Chrysalis Games, Inc. and Chrysalis Games Ltd. in London are closed and a new company called Chrysalis Interactive LLC is formed.

Catch for Million, a trivia game for Android devices, is released in Google Store as first commercial game under new company name.
The third-person platformer adventure Forgotten Skies is announced, the first major game to be developed and released for computer on Steam by Chrysalis Interactive.

Our corporate culture

From storytelling to player choice, we’ve got it all. Our games are built to entertain, educate, and inspire gamers of all ages and backgrounds. We’re constantly pushing the limits of game development and we’re not planning on stopping anytime soon!
As a company with responsibility to our community of gamers and customers in other fields, we encourage the freedom of each and every individual, irrespective of ethnicity, religion or gender.

We are also committed to doing our part to conserve and protect the planet’s resources and ensure sustainability for future generations.
As a modern and innovative company, we refrain from the unnecessary consumption of energy and resources, e.g. by not having a large number of offices and studios in different countries.

freedom - equality - sustainability

In the communication with our community as well as between the players and users themselves, we place special value on an appreciative and respectful form of communication, we reject any form of bullying and hate and are committed to a friendly and amicable form of interaction.


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