Forgotten Skies: Gameplay fundamentals

Gameplay fundamentals - "Platforming"

Bounce, balance and experience classic platform gameplay. In Forgotten Skies you must swing at dizzying heights over various platforms and rocks. You will have to be very careful not to fall out of the sky. To provide the player with a certain level of challenge and skill, the classic platform game genre has been implemented as one of the key characteristics of the game.

However, the basic principle of the game is to reach the floating islands and locations by making skillful and timed jumps to reach other interesting and adventurous islands. In doing so, you’ll complete various quests and missions.
These islands can usually be reached via free-floating rocks, and in some cases via bridges, which the player will have to cross in a balancing act.

Gameplay fundamentals - "Adventure"

As it should be in a good game, there is also the ever popular adventure gameplay here;
While discovering the world and picking up items for your inventory, you will meet many different characters with different stories and quests in the game.
However, you should always be on your guard. Some of the NPCs you meet may be hostile. They will not refrain from attacking you.


Each quest and mission is presented in a book. This book gives you an overview of the important details of each mission and a summary of the conversation.
In addition, some of the NPCs that you will encounter will give you hints about secret locations where you can often find treasures, valuable information, and events to take place.

Gameplay fundamentals - "The story"

In the game, you will control the quirky protagonist as he travels through a game world in the firmament.
The main principle of the game is to collect as many of the collectibles as you can. They will be displayed in the inventory.
Common collectibles include stars, which are important for scoring points, potions, which are important for gaining lives, and rocks, which you can use to remove small obstacles by throwing the rocks at the obstacle.

Various events or quests will also give you access to special collectibles or collectibles related to the event. You will need to collect these in order to use a particular interaction, such as mushrooms, which you will need to use for a special potion.
Also, a special attack called “SMASH-HAND” can be used throughout the game world to attack opposing NPCs.

Finally, there are equippable head items that trigger special interactions. These include earmuffs, which will give you the option to make the rabbits to follow you whenever you need to generate enough weight to make the lifts work. The second head item you can equip is a torch. It can be used for firing cannon or bridging ropes.