Gameplay Announcement: Forgotten Skies

Forgotten Skies is a hilarious adventure game in a funny and colorful world. Discover a unique environment and explore mystic caves, objects and NPC's to find the path to secret items and quests.

Welcome to the crazy and funny universe of Forgotten Skies. Enjoy many hilarious gameplay moments, collect items and complete quests in a completely twisted world in this third-person adventure! You will find yourself in the colorful and cheerful world of Forgotten Skies, high up in the sky there are many forgotten islands inhabited by various mysterious but funny creatures and nature.

Forgotten Skies is a hilarious adventure game in a funny and colorful world.
Discover a unique environment and explore mystic caves, objects and NPC’s to find the path to secret items and quests.

You will meet a variety of characters who will give you valuable hints, give you various quests and reveal exciting tales!

Gameplay Features

  • Play with various funny characters!
  • Explore a beautiful world with lots of nature!
  • Gather Items for quests!
  • Cook items for healing portions!
  • Fight against mysterious enemies!
  • Discover friendly NPC’s for hints and secrets!
  • Dolby Atmos implemented (The best sound results are achieved in combination with the use of headphones)
  • NVIDIA DLSS Image Scaling implemented