Game Trailers

We have them all: Watch all our official game trailers of “Forgotten Skies” here and enjoy the beautiful awesomeness of our games.

A mix-genre platform-adventure on the horizon of indie games

Bounce, balance and experience classic platform gameplay mixed with an beautiful and challenging adventure game;
This is our upcoming mix-genre platform-adventure Forgotten Skies.

Forgotten Skies: Skowa's Retreat (alpha gameplay)

Here’s something for your ears…or maybe more like your monitors? Here’s another glimpse at the upcoming platform adventure Forgotten Skies. This time we have some impressions from the impressive world of Skowa’s Retreat for you.

Forgotten Skies Official Game Trailer

Step into the wacky and hilarious world of Forgotten Skies for your next adventure. The game combines adventure with classic platforming and role-playing genres and takes you on a journey of adventure and excitement high above. Forgotten Skies will be released on Steam in Q4 2024.